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Slip and FallSlip and Fall Lawsuit
Injuries for slip and fall may be recoverable where those responsible for ensuring their premises is safe were negligent or careless in carrying out their duties. An example of such negligence would be where an individual reports a slippery floor to those responsible for ensuring a safe premises is maintained and despite that, those responsible fail to remedy the slippery floor and it results in an individual sustaining injuries after a slip and fall. In this scenario, the negligent party is said to have been “on notice” of the unsafe condition and the failure to remedy the unsafe condition could amount to negligence, allowing the victim to recover for their injuries.

Types of Injuries from a Slip and Fall
Common injuries that may occur after a slip and fall can include: head injuries, including traumatic brain injuries; spine and back injuries; cervical and neck injuries; soft tissue injuries; disfigurement and permanent scarring; disability; and even death.

Wet Floor Slip and FallRecovery for Slip and Fall
Where a slip and fall is the result of a negligent or careless third party, both economic and non-economic costs may be recoverable. Economic costs that may be recoverable include medical and rehabilitation expenses, future medical and rehabilitation costs, lost past wages, lost future earnings, and lost earning potential. Non-economic costs that may be recoverable include pain and suffering resulting from the injuries sustained due to the slip and fall.

Sacramento Slip and Fall Attorney

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